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Welcome to our initial representational page for our European corporation. While there is not much content here except just enough to let you know we exist. As time goes on we will start supplying more EU-specific content on these pages.

We decided to incorporate within the EU for several reasons. It was time to branch out more and to have some specific focuses on different geographical areas to assist in greater detail than we have before. We can also more easily participate in EU only activities as an EU corporation.

We do not expect any dilution of activity nor services. This is just allowing us to expand out our reach in a more localised format.

Abuse reporting: before you contact us, be aware that most domains held by RoLR are likely to be associated with abuse. RoLR exists to quarantine such domains and ensure that they cause no ongoing harm. If you still believe that a domain registered by RoLR is abusive, please email abuse <@>

ICANN educational information for registrants can be found here. WHOIS lookup will be here when we begin registering domains.