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This corporation is known as a "Stichting" in the Netherlands where we have incorporated, which translates to foundation.

The EU corporation has three names:

  • Stichting Registrar of Last Resort Foundation - for official documentation only
  • Registrar of Last Resort - for normal communication
  • RoLR - abbreviated form

Like any Dutch Foundation we have a board which is comprised of three members. We operate under the normal foundation rules related to the corporation where the board controls and executes the goal and mission of the corporation. As a foundation there are not any shares, nor can the corporation be sold or taken over by any outside organisation. The board has complete control of the corporation.

Here are some of the basic rules for the Board and its members:

  • The Board cannot dispose of any of the assets of the Stichting as if it were their own assets.
  • No board member may have a decisive vote in respect of the capital of the foundation.
  • The board at least three members who are not related to each other in any case ensures that none of the board members can decide on what to do with the capital of the foundation as if it were his own capital.
  • None of the board members are allowed to receive any form of remuneration for service of being on the board except for reimbursement of reasonable expenses.
  • None of the board members has been convicted for stimulating hatred or for violence in the past four years or greater.

The Board members are as follows:

  • Benedict Addis - Chair
  • Richard Perlotto - Secretary
  • David Watson - Treasurer